100% Quality Since 1933

A consistent image of quality, cleanliness, dependable service and appealing variety of products has put Hummel Bros. in a distinguished category of companies, whose reputation has been the foundation for customer acceptance and their steady growth in sales. When someone recommends a Hummel Bros. Meat Product, ( and that's how most new sales are made), it's done with confidence that the food is wholesome, prepared with the highest of standards, that it tastes good and it's always fresh.

Since 1933, the pride of brothers William and Robert Hummel has been the main ingredient in their products. From its original plant on Congress Avenue in New Haven to the new, modern manufacturing facilities located in the Long Wharf Market Area, the company has had the benefit of family guidance and development. It is daily practice for the founders and family to don white hats and coats and be involved in the inspection and production of their food products. 

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A Tradition of Leadership

The tradition of leadership in quality meat products for the food industry is matched by the continuity of family talent in corporate management. As officers of the firm, William F. Hummel, Jr., Eric Hummel, John Hummel and MaryEllen Hummel McMahon have adopted their grand fathers' "shirt-sleeve" approach to business and their determination to uphold the unique character and stature of all Hummel Bros. Meat Products. 

"Everyone establishes a reputation. It's maintaining a good one that distinguishes businesses that succeed from those who do not"